Monday, June 6, 2011

Permit Types - Elevator Permit

Elevator Permits

Florida law requires every registered elevator company to have a permit issued by the Bureau of Elevator Safety before installing, altering, or relocating any type of vertical conveyance licensed by the bureau.

Before an elevator permit can be issued, the registered Elevator Company doing the installation must do the following:

1. The company must obtain and review the construction plans for compliance with Florida law. These do not have to be turned in to the bureau but the company will be required to affirm that the plans they are using are in compliance.

2. The company must obtain the appropriate application form. If multiple conveyances (elevators, etc) are being installed, separate forms are required for each.

3. The Affidavit of Elevator Code Compliance must be obtained and completed. This form must be signed by a qualified agent of the elevator company doing the installation.

4. All required documentation and fees must be submitted to the appropriate department.

5. Once construction is completed, the conveyance must pass an inspection prior to beginning use.

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Source: Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation

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