Monday, February 28, 2011

Code Violation in Miami

I was recently hired to assist a client who had a shed built on their property over 10 years ago but never pulled the permits from Miami Dade County Building Department. The Miami Dade Code Enforcement Department upon surveying the area or through an anonymous call triggered a warning to our client because the permits were never pulled to install the shed in their South Florida home. My client was assessed a $510.00 permit violation based on the illegal shed and really needed the help to sift through the complicated process and system, therefore I got to work!

Based on my extensive experience with Shed violations in Miami Dade County, I know the first and most important thing to do is address the issue and look into the details with the county. I immediately followed up with getting and survey and the zoning details so the compliance work can be submitted. This process can be long and drawn out and the amount of work needed to process this violation is extensive. Needless to say, I was able to get the paper work in place, contact the required people to help in the process and the code violation was closed and resolved.

This violation is very typical in my line of business, for over 8 years our company, Your Permit Solution, has assisted hundreds of residents and business owners with their permit violation, if you or someone you know has received a permit violation and or is frustrated in resolving a permit Violation for their shed or an addition to to their home, please contact me at 1-800-9730023 ext. 0 or visit our site at