Sunday, August 28, 2011

Utility/Storage Shed Permits

When you're building a shed outside your home, any freestanding structure over the size of 100Sq Ft will require a permit. Though this may seem unnecessary, your building will be shut down quickly if you begin without a permit in hand.

These permits are required to ensure that your structure is up to code and is being built properly and safely - to avoid injury or death due to improper construction. You also need to consider exactly where the shed will be placed. Even though you have your entire backyard to choose from, there may be specific zoning requirements that may prevent you from using a specific section of your yard.

Permits are also required to ensure that structures are only built within appropriate property lines. Even if you erect your shed one inch over your neighbor's property line, it will have to come back down until the entire structure is on your property.

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