Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Permit Types - Right-of-Way Permit

When is a permit required?

Anytime you occupy, use, or engage in any activity in a public right-of-way including:

  • Excavation in paved and unpaved areas
  • Installation of above and below ground facilities
  • Activity that obstructs or impedes traffic
When is a permit not required?
  • Maintenance activity that makes no material change to the footprint of an existing facility or structure, makes no material change to the surface or sub-surface of a right-of-way, and does not disrupt or impede traffic.
  • Work governed by a permit issued by the Department of Inspections & Permits or governed by a Public Works Agreement.
Prohibited Conduct:
  • Drainage from private property should not be discharged into a County sidewalk, roadway or roadway storm drain. This includes both sump pumps and raingutter downspouts.
  • Private irrigation systems are not permitted within County rights-of-way.
  • Private fencing is not permitted within County rights-of-way.
  • Private utilities require the grant of an easement prior to occupancy in County rights-of-way.
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Source: AACounty.org

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