Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sewer Replacement Permit

Whenever an existing sewer is being replaced, you'll need a permit a for that!

Materials Needed - Only specifically approved materials can be used such as Ductile Iron, Polyethylene (PE) SDR 11 and 17, and PVC Pipe SDR 26 and 35.

Cleanouts - A cleanout for the building where the sewer is located must be placed. This is to be installed in the direction of the flow of water and must be located two feet outside of the building the sewer is to be placed near. Only approved materials can be used to build the cleanout.

Testing - A plumbing code-complying water test should be performed when work is done, to search for leaks. A low-pressure air test should also be performed.

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Source: DalyCity

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