Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Replacing a Tub

Replacing a bathtub is a decision no one comes to lightly. Once it's been resurfaced and that surface begins to chip, unsanitary bits can fall into the bathwater and the tub will need to be replaced.


  • Replacing your tub will cost a couple of hundred dollars, just for the tub itself. 
  • Installation is the expensive part and can cost you well over a thousand dollars.
  • Replacing the hardware (faucets and spout) are generally around $100, depending on your style.
  • Replacing the tiles at the floor and wall can vary greatly depending on your style.
  • Another large part of this cost is permitting. 

Permits need to be pulled on any job involving plumbing. It is not advisable for the common homeowner to attempt to replace a bathtub as it is heavy, grimy work. The complications potentially involved include broken pipes, flooding, broken tiles at the wall and floor, and damage to other parts of the house (such as doorways) when attempting to remove the tub from the house.

A plumbing inspector will be called out a few times to insure your tub was properly uninstalled, and that the new one is properly installed. Doing this step will save you from any potential leaking in the walls (which can lead to foundation damage, wall damage, mold, and more) and you will know that your new tub will last a long, long time.

Allow Your Permit Solution to run all your permits for smooth and quick project completion.

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