Sunday, October 16, 2011

Siding Permit Requirements

Replacing the siding on your home will always require a permit. In addition to a completed permit application, there are several requirements involved with replacing siding. The comprehensive list below includes those requirements:

• Kick-out flashing/diverters are required at all roof/wall intersections.

• When siding is removed, a sheathing inspection is required to determine the condition of the sheathing and the locations of mechanical intake and exhaust vents.

• Remove all rotted sheathing,framing and insulation. An inspection is required for framing repairs.

• An inspection is required for the weather resistive barrier/house wrap. House wrap shall be installed shingle fashion. Vertical laps shall be at least 6 inches. Horizontal laps shall be at least 2 inches. House wrap needs to be lapped over shingle tins, drip caps, and other horizontal flashing.

• Fan fold foam insulation is not allowed as a substitute for a weather resistive barrier/house wrap.

• Flashing shall be installed to prevent water from entering building.

• Flashing is required at all window and door openings, mechanical openings, horizontally at masonry and stone, all wood and metal trim, deck and porch ledgers, and at all roof/wall intersections.

• In addition, all doors and windows require drip caps.

• Mechanical intake and exhaust vents shall not be altered or replaced unless the new vents meet code requirements.

• A final inspection is required on all siding projects.

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Source: Woodbury, MN

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