Sunday, October 23, 2011

Commercial Sign Permits

Stop! Before you put up that commercial sign, you need to secure a permit! In addition to a permit application, the following items must be included before you hang or erect a commercial sign.

 For wall signs:
-An illustration of the building on which the sign will be attached, as well as the sign's dimensions. For individually leased tenant spaces, the wall size is determined by the height and width of the wall for that specific lease space.
-An illustration of the sign and its dimensions. Be sure to include a cross-sectional illustration of the mounting and depth.
-Materials to be used.

For freestanding signs:
-An illustration of the sign and its dimensions.
-An illustration and dimensions of the sign's footings.
-A site plan illustrating the location and setback of the sign.

Include all of these items with your permit application and you're well on your way to getting that sign up! For more information, contact us at Your Permit Solution!

Source: Woodbury, MN

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