Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Client Testimonials!

Your Permit Solution owner Frenchy Roy [Roy, Inc.], takes a personal interest in his services and customers at YourPermitSolution.com, and strives to give them outstanding service, often going beyond what is expected to produce client satisfaction. As claimed by a happy customer from Miami, Florida:
"Roy provided excellent service at an affordable rate, in very little time. He was also very helpful and went above and beyond what he needed to do to get the job done."

Open permits are often a problem for Florida realtors. When homes need to go onto the market, permit issues must be settled fast so that no interruption in the sales process occurs. Settling permit issues quickly is often impossible due to busy schedules, or due to a lack of understanding in how the permit process works. YourPermitSolution.com has worked with real estate agents in the past, with satisfied customer results!

Check out these testimonials below:

"I have found Roy to be the best solution to my permit violation headache. I recommend him without any hesitation." - V de la Vega, Kendall, Miami, Florida

"As a realtor in South Florida open permits are constant problem. Frenchy Roy has come to the rescue for me time after time. I highly recommend his services and professionalism. Count it done with Frenchy!"
- Adam L. Pinecrest, FL

To submit a testimonial of your own or to get answers to your permit questions, contact us today!

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